Bart Pronk

Bart Pronk has been a teacher at the highest Wim Hof Method Instructor level since 2015.

He started as a participant in 2011 and can be seen on the 2015 Vice documentary. He has practiced the Wim Hof Method and worked with “The Iceman” from 2012.

Bart has climbed Kilimanjaro 3 times in shorts and guided a group of people up Kilimanjaro in record time together with Wim Hof (2014, 2015, 2016).

He has trained more than 8,000* people worldwide. Since 2012, he has toured the world as assistant to Wim Hof (Australia, USA, Canada, Hawaii, Spain, Poland, Iceland)

Bart is a Trainer of the Trainers in the Wim Hof Academy and has been training the instructors of the Wim Hof Academy worldwide since 2018. He has worked with companies including Red Bull and ING Bank, as well as Special Forces Operatives and elite sports teams including AZ Alkmaar.

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