Unparalleled service depth, tailored to you.

We have curated a suite of services to support clients in achieving unparalleled levels of awareness, emotionally, behaviourally and physiologically. All of our performance and wellbeing programmes are bespoke, tailored to the specific challenges and opportunities faced by individuals or teams.


Coaching, Leadership & High-Potential Development and advanced Insights Tools

Ground+Air’s Coaching Practice includes a comprehensive range of approaches and methodologies.

Our proprietary Leadership and High-Potential Development Curriculum has been built with a wide and sharp understanding of today’s volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous environment.

We have curated a suite of Insights Tools to support clients in achieving unparalleled levels of awareness – emotionally, behaviorally, physiologically.

All of our performance and wellbeing programmes are bespoke. We offer a range of options for different levels of commitment and deliverables.


Use all your resources, attention and energy to unlock your true potential.

Performance Coaching

Surface and apply skills in the right context, at the right moment; choose the right approaches and adapt along the way; self-coach and draw the best from others.

Identity + Purpose

Explore roles, labels and the belief systems and influences that can underpin them. Establish meaning and purpose that is relevant to life and work now.

Loss + Change

Handle loss, change and disruption healthily. Consider and shift thoughts and behaviours to affect the feelings that can accompany them.

Career Management + Transition

Evaluate/re-evaluate expertise and passions, craft career narratives, create plans and tactics, build a personal brand, consider options, establish priorities, identify resources, do what it takes.

Team Coaching

Helping teams to confront challenges, realise opportunities, build and maintain consensus, navigate change.


Acquire the skills to develop your mindset, resilience, adaptability, communication, and leadership impact.

Leadership Agility Series

A series of high-impact, experience-led modules that are designed to help you thrive and deliver incredible leadership in our fast-changing world. Build agility and reach your full potential and helps teams to develop the mutual trust needed to be effective.

Adapting In Change + Reimagining The Future

Equipping you to navigate change, re-imagine the future, build flexible and adaptive skills and behaviours. Helping you to lead and operate remotely, avoid distractions, understand the impact of change on wellbeing and performance, develop strategies to remaining agile, adaptable and resilient.


Recognising that professionals, technical experts, frontline staff and leaders are at particularly high risk of burnout: We design leading-edge programmes that help you create a culture where you and your people become ‘scientists of yourselves’, enabling you to take ownership of positive health behaviours, which underpin and sustain your life & work.

Influence + Impact

We help you to understand your impact and influence, determine areas in which you want to improve and build effective strategies, behaviours and skills to make long-lasting change.

Coaching Skills

The capacity to self-coach and draw the best from others is fundamental to leadership. Our team of world-class coaches and supervisors design development programmes to meet your specific needs and International Coaching Federation (ICF) standards.

Mindset + Motivation

We bring you the latest models and insight tools from the world of neuroscience and cognitive psychology coupled with the science of goal setting. We enable you to improve your mindset agility, unblock motivation in yourself and others and unite teams behind shared goals.


Resilience is about flexibility, pace and recovery. Resilient thinking, feeling and behaviours are interlinked. We support you to understand the core principles of individual and team resilience, determine your strengths and development areas and build and embed long term changes to improve and sustain your resilience.

Mental Health + Wellbeing

Tailored learning and development which supports you and your people to understand this fundamental aspect of wellbeing and its influence on performance. We help you to identify sources of mental health risk and develop strategies to make changes that improve your wellbeing.


Helping you understand current communication impact, its strengths and blind spots and develop robust, dexterous communication that enables you to make the impact, and achieve the outcomes, you want.

Ambition + Alignment

We help you and your teams to create a collective mindset for change and to understand everyone’s personal drivers for success as well as their individual reactions to change that may derail things. Aligning teams and building trust and commitment to a future collective strategy are essential for any broader organisational change initiative to be effective.


Advance your self-awareness and understanding of others with progressive assessment tools and skilled analysis by our expert team.

Emotional Intelligence

Help you to understand how your emotions shape your thoughts and actions. Develop the skills to help you manage yourself and other people more effectively to maximise your influence as a leader.

Tools include:
the Emotional Capital Report (ECR), its peer-reviewed version (ECR 360) and a version tailored to athletes and teams – the Emotional Intelligence Sports Inventory (ESi.)

Performance Analytics For Stress, Recovery + Exercise

Physiological insights to give you a granular view of where you are now, and confidence, clarity and structure around how best to perform and restore. Promote a culture of positive mental and physical health in your teams.

Tools include:
Firstbeat (heart-rate variability tracker), augmented by professional-grade stress and recovery coaching from exercise physiologists, nutritionists and sleep experts.

Verbal + Non-verbal Communication

Help you to visualise and understand the way you talk, how you are heard by others and the impact that you have. Equip you with the awareness and the resources that you need to tune your communications, develop your influence and make your voice count.

Tools include:
VoicePrint and Body Language evaluation, used in conjunction with proven coaching methodologies.

Values + Career Emphasis

Understand your motivations and inner purpose so you can shape your life and work more closely around what is important, as well as simply practical.

Tools include:
Career Anchors, Dilt’s Neurological Levels, Personal Values Assessment (PVA), Career Anchors.


Rapid and deep insights into your behavioural preferences and communication style. Assess traits that predict job success and risk for derailment. Create/support leadership development plans; boost teamwork amongst leaders; inform succession planning; boost employee engagement; add more certainty to hiring decisions.

Tools include:
High-Performance Trait Indicator (HPTI), Myers Briggs, PPA. (DISC)


Understand how quickly you learn new information by measuring five key areas: Reasoning, Perceptual Speed, Number Speed & Accuracy, Word Meaning and Spatial Visualisation. In doing so, ensure you and your team are sufficiently challenged and appropriately channelled.

Tools include:
The General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) and expert testing by sector specialists.

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