We help founders, leaders and teams find their flow.

Preparing people to be ready, able and open to performing at their best.

Ground+Air is a progressive coaching, development and insights practice where performance and wellbeing are nurtured as one. We bring together human performance technology and a world leading team of coaches, development experts, psychologists, rest & recovery specialists, and physiologists to empower leaders and teams to reach their potential.

Performance solutions for progressive organisations.

We design and deliver bespoke performance programmes for executives and high-potentials at leading multinationals, high-growth startups, sports and esports teams.

Our Approach

We draw on a rich spectrum of the most advanced study of emotional intelligence, mindset and neuroscience, impact and influence, physiology and lifestyle.

Our approach is practical and aspirational, technological and human. We will take you on a journey that is rooted in science, accelerated by technology and elevated by empathy. The Ground+Air experience is progressive, enlightening and above all, empowering.

Our Services

Our work together can take various shapes, from single sessions to integrated programmes that focus on performance coaching, change management, identity and purpose, overcoming burnout, and more.

Our Focus Areas

We develop and facilitate bespoke programmes for executives and high-potentials at FTSE multinationals through to high growth startups, sports and esports teams.

Media & Entertainment
Sports & Esports
Retail & Ecommerce
Banking & Finance
Technology & Digital
Advertising & Creative

I can’t shout out enough about the quality of the work that Ground+Air do to elevate teams, athletes, and people.

None of it is hot air. Working with Jim and the team was a transformational experience for both myself and the team at Red Bull Racing Esports. I’d urge anybody within the Esports industry who is serious about elevating mental wellbeing and support for their teams/staff to reach out to Jim to talk about what they can offer.

Nathan Tague, Team Manager at Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports

“Jim’s understanding of the needs of the business, my needs as the leader of the business and the particular demands on individuals on the team led to him creating an outstanding programme of group and individual coaching sessions. The work on psychometric testing (involving ECR, ECR 360 and PPA disc) also led to a better understanding across the team of our individual motivations and styles which has helped us quickly understand and adopt practices to better work with each other.”

Simon, MD EMEA, Quartz

“Coming out of a business partnership and in turn expanding operations represented a major transitional period. Jim played a significant role in helping me to focus my energies constructively and healthily. His ability to draw out my experience and resources and apply them, coupled with his calm and constructive advice, played a huge part in helping me see the wood from the trees.”

Dylan, Founder, Ride and Seek

“Our coaching sessions were empowering for me entering a new challenging board-level position in a company that was undergoing upheaval and changes. Ground and Air’s style activates and cultivates your own inner strength providing practical techniques for real-life scenarios”

Imogen, Creative Director

“Jim was very adept at working with me to talk through my challenges to really understand and isolate a core focus area. The outcome for me was clarity and a sense of pressure off my shoulders. I could really see the future impact on my personal development and career. I’d strongly recommend Jim and Ground and Air for business coaching to develop personal impact and leadership development.”

James, Team Lead, Google Australia

“Each session built on the previous one to ensure continuity, progress and commitment. Jim has a unique set of skills that allow him to cut through with speed and empathy. All of the key employees were devastated that the sessions had to end and brought a fresh sense of purpose and self-worth back into the business. I got the outcomes my team needed with zero risk and maximum engagement.”

Jason, EMEA Managing Director, Unruly Media

“We partnered with Ground and Air to identify and select the right behaviours and nurture individual performance in some leadership roles. Jim and his team have helped us look at personality, benchmark EQ and consider the interplay between the two. They’ve proved adept at interpreting insights in the context of the person, our business and the sector we operate in. Ground and Air’s application of market and coaching expertise has been invaluable.”

Jill, COO, Eyeota

“Ground and Air have and continue to play a full role in supporting us in our quest to build a happy and high performing senior management team here at Contagious. We place a very high value indeed on the partnership we have formed with Jim and his team over the last 3 years.”

Karl, CEO, Contagious

“Jim helped me figure out my long-term career plan, which up to this point has always been difficult for me to visualise, and understand the steps I need to take to achieve my goals. He is gifted at listening and understanding the underlying problems and has provided me with great advice that has helped me progress my career and made me happier and more productive in my job now.”

Mark, Agency Lead, Unruly Media

“Working with Jim has had a real and meaningful impact on my day-to-day professional life. Our sessions have helped me with my working relationships and management of stress making me a better operator both as a team member and a manager of people. Jim has a natural knack for cutting into the issues behind the issues by workshopping real situations and offering alternative and more manageable perspectives. His coaching style is straight up and supportive making the sessions enlightening and educational.”

Michelle, Commercial Director, Contagious

“Anyone looking to enhance human performance should hire Kate. Her work was truly first world class and has already made a huge difference to our company.”

“The course Kate provided was like no other course I had attended before. It was a real eye-opener not just from a business perspective but also a personal perspective and we are already seeing the benefits flow through.”

Peter, CEO and Mike, CFO, Intergence Systems

“Jim Brown has been one of the most influential mentors in my life. After leaving the military, I found myself struggling to adjust to civilian life. Jim had to strip back my military mentality, work with the skills I had and then build upon the ones I was missing so that I was better able to succeed. He gave me the very foundations that I have built a career upon at some of the most iconic global companies.”

Ricky, Engineering Leadership Staffing, Google

“I was working towards a promotion and was frustrated with what I saw as the barriers in my way. Jim has a wonderful way of quickly getting the crux of what really matters, and helped me to see things from different perspectives. Positive outcomes followed pretty much immediately after just three sessions. The barriers I perceived melted away, and I enjoyed my experiences and interactions much more at work, progressing towards my goals quickly and achieving the promotion soon after.”

Sophie, Associate Strategy Director, Unruly Media

“Having had a positive experience of coaching in my previous role at ShortList, I reached out to Ground and Air for some board coaching and mediation work. I knew that they would bring an honest and trustworthy approach whilst also being able to convey a sense of neutrality to my co-founders. The process surfaced what we all needed to understand and address and we worked through it with Jim’s invaluable input and support. He brought a sense of calm, perspective and structure to every session. Such was their impact, I’d certainly engage with Ground and Air again.”

Darren, MD, The Jackal

“Kate is one of the best thought leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her leadership, commercial, and HR expertise was invaluable as we partnered on the development of a bespoke EMEA Sales High Potential Program in collaboration with Manchester Business School. Her leadership and flexibility of approach resulted in our delivering a program of the highest standard, driving successor readiness and setting the standard for future High Potential Programs globally. It was a huge pleasure to work with Kate and I have no hesitation in recommending her and would partner with her again in a heartbeat.”

Sue, (formerly CA Technologies,) now Head of Wellbeing, Inclusion and Health and Safety – Department of Work and Pensions
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