We believe that wellbeing and performance are inseparable.

Ground and Air delivers coaching, development, and insights for top tier leaders and their teams. Our model prepares people to be ready, able and open to performing at their best.

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We use experience and science to encourage shifts in attitudes, feelings and actions. Our work together can take various shapes – from single sessions to major programmes.



Our Services

Healthy, motivated and purposeful people are more balanced and effective. Our coaching and development services can be delivered face-to-face or remotely as bespoke sessions, workshops and webinars.


Use all your resources to unlock your potential, helping you direct your attention and energies to perform at your best.

Performance coaching

Surface and apply skills in the right context, at the right moment; choose the right approaches and adapt along the way; self-coach and draw the best from others.

Identity and purpose

Explore roles, labels and the belief systems and influences that can underpin them. Establish meaning and purpose that is relevant to life and work now.

Loss and change

Handle loss, change and disruption healthily. Consider and shift thoughts and behaviours to affect the feelings that can accompany them.

Career management & transition

Evaluate/re-evaluate expertise and passions, craft career narratives, create plans and tactics, build a personal brand, consider options, establish priorities, identify resources, do what it takes.

Team Coaching

Helping teams to confront challenges, realise opportunities, build and maintain consensus, navigate change.


Find the skills to develop your mindset, resilience, adaptability, communication, and leadership impact.

INSPIRED+ Leadership Agility Series

A series of high-impact, experience-led modules that are designed to help you thrive and deliver incredible leadership in our fast changing world. Evolved from the award-winning Inspired programme, INSPIRED+ enables you to build agility and reach your full potential and helps teams to develop the mutual trust needed to be effective.


Equipping you to navigate change, re-imagine the future, build flexible and adaptive skills and behaviours. Helping you to lead and operate remotely, avoid distractions, understand the impact of change on wellbeing and performance, develop strategies to remaining agile, adaptable and resilient.


Recognising that professionals, technical experts, frontline staff and leaders are at particular high risk of burnout: We design leading edge programmes that help you create a culture where you and your people become ‘scientists of yourselves’, enabling you to take ownership of positive health behaviours, which underpin and sustain your life & work.


We help you to understand your impact and influence, determine areas in which you want to improve and build effective strategies, behaviours and skills to make long lasting change.


The capacity to self-coach and draw the best from others is fundamental to leadership. Our team of world class coaches and supervisors design development programmes to meet your specific needs and International Coaching Federation (ICF) standards.


We bring you the latest models and insight tools from the world of neuroscience and cognitive psychology coupled with the science of goal setting. We enable you to improve your mindset agility, unblock motivation in yourself and others and unite teams behind shared goals.


Resilience is about flexibility, pace and recovery. Resilient thinking, feeling and behaviours are interlinked. We support you to understand the core principles of individual and team resilience, determine your strengths and development areas and build and embed long term changes to improve and sustain your resilience.


Tailored learning and development which supports you and your people to understand this fundamental aspect of wellbeing and its influence on performance. We help you to identify sources of mental health risk and develop strategies to make changes that improve your wellbeing.


Helping you understand current communication impact, its strengths and blind spots and develop robust, dexterous communication that enables you to make the impact, and achieve the outcomes, you want.

Ambition and Alignment

We help you and your teams to create a collective mindset for change and to understand everyone’s personal drivers for success as well as their individual reactions to change that may derail things. Aligning teams and building trust and commitment to a future collective strategy is essential for any broader organisational change initiative to be effective.


Advance your self-awareness and understanding of others by using assessment tools. Skilled questioning and analysis from our expert team bring these insights to life.


Help you to understand how your emotions shape your thoughts and actions. Develop the skills to help you manage yourself and other people more effectively to maximise your influence as a leader.

Tools include: the Emotional Capital Report (ECR), it’s peer reviewed version (ECR 360) and a version tailored to athletes and teams – the Emotional Intelligence Sports Inventory (ESi.)



Physiological insights to give you a granular view of where you are now, and confidence, clarity and structure around how best to perform and restore. Promote a culture of positive mental and physical health in your teams.

Tools include: Firstbeat (heart-rate variability tracker), augmented by professional-grade stress and recovery coaching from exercise physiologists, nutritionists and sleep experts.


Help you to visualise and understand the way you talk, how you are heard by others, and the impact that you have. Equip you with the awareness and the resources that you need to tune your communications, develop your influence and make your voice count.

Tools include: VoicePrint and Body Language evaluation, used in conjunction with proven coaching methodologies.



Understand your motivations and inner purpose so you can shape your life and work more closely around what is important, as well as simply practical.

Tools include: Career Anchors, Dilt’s Neurological Levels, Personal Values Assessment (PVA), Career Anchors.


Rapid and deep insights into your behavioural preferences and communication style. Assess traits that predict job success and risk for derailment. Create/support leadership development plans; boost teamwork amongst leaders; inform succession planning; boost employee engagement; add more certainty to hiring decisions.

Tools include: High Performance Trait Indicator (HPTI), Myers Briggs, PPA. (DISC)



Understand how quickly you learn new information by measuring five key areas: Reasoning, Perceptual Speed, Number Speed & Accuracy, Word Meaning and Spatial Visualisation. In doing so, ensure you and your team are sufficiently challenged and appropriately channeled.

Tools include: The General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) and expert testing by sector specialists.




Our Approach

Ground and Air is practical and aspirational. Each session or programme is designed to help you deliver on your priorities and move you closer to the things that matter in your life and work.

By exploring your talents, motivations and even your blind-spots, we can help you determine what is doable, worth doing and how. Our processes and approaches draw on a rich spectrum of coaching, learning and therapeutic fields. Our team uses skilled questioning, solid theoretical frameworks, evaluation tools and development techniques to provide insights and structure.

Our ultimate aim is to help leaders have the conversations they most need to have with themselves and others. We look for every opportunity to elevate the conversation because we appreciate how precious your time really is.

Our Team

  • Jim Brown



    With a background in talent and executive search, Jim’s past experience includes launching and running businesses in London and Sydney, and building teams for global media brands and technology firms. He has a BSc Honours degree in Sports Science from Loughborough University. He is a Cognitive Emotive Behaviour Coach, an NLP Master Practitioner, qualified to assess and train Emotional Intelligence, advanced certified to teach the Grief Recovery Method, and accredited to interpret a range of psychometrics and evaluation tools.

    Jim is particularly focused on helping people to understand their true drivers and capabilities, and to have fair and successful conversations with themselves and others.


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  • Kate Mason-Keaney

    Founding Partner, Programme Architect


    Kate has held CEO, Consulting Director and HR Director roles in a range of sectors including start-up, growth and decline environments. She is CIPD qualified and has a strong track record in Business & People Strategy, Organisation Design & Implementation, HR Function Transformation, Strategic Resourcing, People Engagement and Learning & People Development.

    Kate is trained by the Institute of Human Development and is the founder and architect of the INSPIRED performance programme. She is also one of the UK’s leading Voiceprint coaches, an approach that focuses on helping people and teams to improve and influence through their communication.

    Warm, down to earth, pragmatic, passionate and pacey, Kate is known for her ability to elicit clarity of thought from the people she works with through questioning and listening. She has often been told her standout skill is in ‘making the complex simple.”




  • Prof. Windy Dryden

    Advisor, Associate Coach, Therapist


    Windy Dryden is one of the most respected practitioners, contributors and trainers in the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) tradition of psychotherapy. He is best known for his work in Rational-Emotive Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (RECBT.)

    Windy is Emeritus Professor of Psychotherapeutic Studies at Goldsmiths University of London.

    He has published over 230 books and has trained therapists all over the world, in as diverse places as the UK, Australia, the USA, South Africa, Turkey and Israel.

    Ground and Air is commited to incorporating approaches and techniques from a range of fields which we feel will help get the best results. We see RECBT as a central approach – and something that differentiates much of our work.

    It’s a privilege to have Professor Dryden’s involvement to help inform our work.

  • Joe Davis

    Performance Psychologist


    Joe Davis holds an MSc in Sport Psychology and a BSc in Psychology and Sport Studies from Stirling University. He is also a member of the British Psychological Society, an Emotional Intelligence Certified Practitioner and Head of Sport and Performance Psychology at RocheMartin.

    Joe spends most of his time supporting athletes, coaches and business leaders to be the best version of themselves, both personally and professionally. Some of the organisations he has worked with include: England Rugby, Sky, Charlton Athletic FC, and Manchester Metropolitan University.

    Ground and Air’s work often draws from the field of performance psychology – and we see the development of emotional intelligence as a critical component in the work we do with leaders and top-performers.

    We are delighted to have Joe’s involvement as an Associate Coach and to help advise and inform our work.


  • Helen Mundy

    Associate Master Executive and Team Coach


    Helen’s background is in organisational change and team leadership. She has deep-level experience in 1:1 coaching, team coaching and facilitation of change at Executive and middle management levels. She has worked across a range of organisations including Waitrose, Costa, Sainsburys, Shell, Barclays, Starbucks, British Nuclear Fuel, Flogas, SAS, CA technologies, NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts, Public Health England, NHS England and Local Government.

    Helen’s qualifications include: MSc in Responsible Business Practice (Bath University Management school); NLP Practitioner and coach, Master Practitioner and Trainer; Accredited Master Executive Coach for the Association for Coaching (AfC); Accredited coach with Time to Think Ltd; Spiral Dynamics Practitioner SDI and SDII – National Values Centre. Professional development includes: Systemic Team Coaching – Academy of Executive Coaches; Foundation year in Integrated Psychotherapy – Metanoia Institute; Foundation 101 in TA – Institute of Transactional Analysis; A qualified Supervisor of coaches – holding a foundation certificate from Bath Consultancy Group; Presenting on Systemic Team Coaching at the European Mentoring and Coaching Council conference in Athens 2013.

    Helen is focused on the outcomes of her clients and creates a working environment of trust, honesty, challenge and care, bringing humour and humility to all her interactions. This atmosphere enables significant, sustainable shifts to occur in participants towards their desired development and related outcomes.


  • Sharon Milroy

    Associate Coach and Team Coach


    Sharon’s career has been focussed in learning and development within leadership and team effectiveness contexts through group work and 1:1 coaching.  She gained a rich foundation of approaches and methodologies while working for John Lewis Partnership and Waitrose including NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), TA (Transactional  Analysis) and MBTI.

    Sharon has worked with leaders and teams across a range of sector, helping them to harness their success and break through limitations to enhance performance and results.

    Sharon’s qualifications include: Diploma in systemic team coaching; certified trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP); Myers-Briggs Level I and II, Transactional Analysis (101 Certificate) and training in personality through British Psychological Society Occupational Test Use Levels A and B; accredited Resilience Engine coach; Holst flowprofiler. Sharon is a member of the Association for Coaching and trained in hypnotherapy and BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy.)

    Guided by the outcomes that people define and evolve with the sponsor of any development work, Sharon uses perspectives, models and offers feedback on observations and patterns of behaviour. She facilitates people to practice,  define actions to embed changes and  achieve a return on their investment.


  • Caroline Forman

    Associate Leadership Development Specialist and Team Coach


    Caroline is an accredited coach and facilitator with extensive experience in developing leaders and managers.  Caroline has worked in a variety of industries (Nestle, Debenhams, Lloyds Banking Group, Accenture, HR firms) supporting individuals across both the UK and Europe. She has consistently delivered great results in areas including Resourcing, Talent Management and Leadership development roles.

    Caroline has a passion for behavioural science and working with leaders to understand themselves and their impact on others.

    Key experiences include: 8 years experience in designing and delivering Leadership development solutions; 9 years experience in coaching individuals; 2 years experience leading the development of an internal coaching network (Nestle); managing small and large teams.

    Caroline receives consistent feedback about the positive impact of her natural curiosity and ability to constructively challenge. These two skills help her to actively encourage people to really understand their own behaviour and to help them see how they can work on changing things if needed. Caroline encourages new ways of thinking, exploring beliefs and mind-set to enable deeper exploration of issues and identification of “light-bulb moments.”

    Clients also like working with Caroline because she is approachable, supportive, motivating and honest.

    Qualifications include: ILM Level 5 accreditation in Coaching and Mentoring; Voiceprint practitioner; ILM Exceptional Trainers certificate; Hay/Korn Ferry Leadership styles and Climate feedback coach; Change cycle accredited feedback coach; Associate Member of Chartered institute of personnel and development; BSC (Hons) Psychology

    Caroline’s ability to quickly engage others, whilst using her curiosity to positively challenge, enable those she works with to adapt and grow.


  • Elina Winnel

    Sleep Expert


    Elina has built an international reputation for helping executives, teams and private individuals to improve, regulate and enhance their capabilities to restore through sleep. Based in Sydney, she is the founder and architect of The Sleep Expert System and a popular contributor to media organisations including ABC, Network 7, Buzzfeed, PopSugar, Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness. Her expertise spans across a comprehensive range of modalities including Meta Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing, Brainwave Entrainment, Brainwave Mapping and various Human Development Frameworks. Elina’s system is founded on proven neurological principles, independent research and practical, easy-to-apply techniques that target all the root causes of insomnia simultaneously. The Sleep Expert is a multifaceted programme that addresses inflexible brainwave states, imbalance in the nervous system, and several other problems that collectively damage our ability to sleep well. Elina has an MBA and has worked with organisations including Procter & Gamble and Macquarie Bank. Clients include Citigroup, TAL and Qantas.

  • Steve Backley OBE

    Advisor, Performance Specialist


    Steve is one of the all-time greats in his sport and the only British track and field competitor to win medals at three different Olympic Games. He broke the World Record three times and was crowned ‘World Athlete of the Year’ by the IAAF in 1990.

    Steve is the co-creator of the Mind-Setting Programme and co-founder of BackleyBlack.

    He is an ambassador for UK Athletics, commentator for the BBC, author of “The Champion in All of Us” and “The Winning Mind”, and co-author of “The Little Book of Inspiration.” He has worked with a huge range of executives and teams at organisations including EY, BP, Staples and Lloyds.

    Engaging with Steve underlines Ground and Air’s commitment to incorporating approaches and techniques from a range of fields which we feel will help get the best results.

  • Anusha Parshotam

    Associate Coach, and Diversity & Inclusion Specialist


    Anusha is a commercial, pragmatic and highly focused coach and facilitator. She also has over 15 years of experience in Senior Human Resources roles, having worked across a range of sectors: FMCG, Professional Services, Financial Services, Legal Services, Education, Aviation, Public Services, Charities and Start Ups and geographies: Global remits, Southern Africa and the UK.

    Anusha draws on sound psychological theories, her working experience and she balances this with using practical interventions that are fit for purpose for organisations and individual clients. She has the ability to really understand client’s needs, flex her approach, and apply her knowledge in ways that help clients achieve their priorities. Anusha specialises in Diversity, Inclusion, Wellbeing and Leadership, working with clients to understand their needs, designing appropriate workshops and facilitating them.

    She has extensive experience working strategically with organisations, leaders and people in nurturing talent, building high performance teams, change management, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing. Anusha has coached leaders, Partners, managers and her own direct reports as part of her day to day roles on various topics.

    Anusha holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology. She also successfully completed a Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching via Henley Business School. She is also a trained team coach and public speaker. She continues her professional development through supervision, networks and other professional affiliations.

    She has worked with organisations that include: Heathrow Airport, Techspace, Eton College, Lewis Silkin, Worldpay, and the Metropolitan Police.



  • Simon Shepard

    Performance Data Specialist


    Simon blends data and expert knowledge from the world of sport, health and business to create effective teams.
    He is Head of Health & Performance for Middlesex CCC and MCC and runs a team of over 40 physiology experts at Lords.
    Over the past decade he has talked and worked with organisations who recognise the value of their people and want to help them function effectively at both an individual and team level. Simon helps leaders to challenge and support individuals and teams and to assess their performance behaviours.

    Clients include: Unilever, IMG, BMW, Heineken and Deloitte.

  • Sara Barker

    Associate Leadership and Sales Development Specialist


    Sara spent over 15 years working in a corporate environment, managing teams and leading the commercial strategy for several high-profile consumer media brands. Sara has spent the past 7 years working as a trainer and facilitator and coach across a diverse range of clients and sectors.

    Sara’s business experience and roles included, Group Advertisement Director at Haymarket Consumer Media, Sponsorship & Promotions Director at Bauer Media and Managing Director of round8 – a specialist media recruitment agency. It is this ‘real-life’ business experience that adds credibility, relevance and a level of empathy to Sara’s approach and delivery style.

    Sara has worked with a wide variety of clients and sectors including; Media (BBC Worldwide, Bauer, Citywire, Net a porter, SKY, Hachette, Business Insider, The Mill), Food & Beverage (Camden Town Brewery, Bidvest Fresh, Dalziel, Hain Daniels), Recruitment (Odgers Berndtson, round8, Horizon Teachers), Finance (ICG), Sport (Fulham Football Club), Transport (Heathrow Express), Telecoms & Technology (Virgin Media, Oracle, Ve Interactive, BT), Events (London Tobacco Dock). Sara has experience of delivering and facilitating programmes both locally and globally.

  • Kim Foster

    Associate Coach and Team Facilitator


    Kim has substantial experience in the world of human performance, she is an accredited coach, facilitator and a member of the national council of psychotherapists. She has a passion for new and innovative ways of working in Digital and transforming environments. Kim has significant blended experience, with a career in leadership development, talent management and engagement, and most recently as a People and Change Director at a Consultancy. Kim works with people to reach their full potential, helping them to look at challenges from a different angle, explore all opportunities and provoke fresh thinking and insight.

    Kim’s clients have included Home Retail Group, SaS, Metropolitan Police and The Royal Palaces.

  • Rob Millar

    Strategy Expert, Coach


    Rob is a strategic advisor and coach with over 20 years’ experience of working globally at board level with major brands across multiple industries.

    His area of expertise is in helping businesses create sustainable growth by focusing on strategic transformation – combining the ability to develop long-term strategies with the more practical actions required to deliver change.

    Rob has led over 40 major programs of work across multiple industries including TMT, Financial Services, Retail, Utilities, B2B, Logistics, Real Estate, Utilities and Events.

    He has worked with senior leaders as a coach and mentor, providing support on enabling and managing growth, developing leadership teams, resolving operational issues and building cultures of high performance.


  • Alan Robertson

    Advisor, Business Psychologist


    Alan Roberston is the creator of VoicePrint, the diagnostic and development tool which is designed to improve individual, team and organisational performance by bringing unconscious patterns of talk and behaviour into conscious awareness.

    Alan’s corporate career began in the aerospace and industrial relations sectors when both were going through turbulence and change. This took him into leadership and organisational development, and expanded his interests into business psychology and consultancy.

    In parallel with consultancy, facilitation and executive coaching, Alan was a Senior Visiting Teaching Fellow at Cranfield University the Cass Business School, where he taught personal and inter-personal skills helping individuals to re-orientate and progress their careers. Alan is a Fellow of the CIPD, a member of the British Psychological Society and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

    Ground and Air is delighted to have Alan’s involvement.


  • Stef Ticehurst

    Associate Coach, Team Facilitator


    Stef is an accredited coach with more than 20 years’ experience managing and leading teams, facilitating them to meet their and their organisation’s goals during times of challenge and change. She has worked at a national level to influence the setting and implementation of strategies for service improvement, understanding the dynamics between the often-competing tensions of professional and business needs.  Over the past 10 years Stef has been developing her knowledge and skills as an executive coach focusing on: communication skills, career transitions, and wellbeing. She has coached senior and developing leaders from a wide variety of sectors, including private and public health services, professional services, manufacturing and insurance organisations, universities, and start-ups.


    Combining warmth, humour and challenge, Stef provides a space in which people are able to test their perspectives, develop, create, and commit to their plans. Adapting her style to suit the individual and session, her coaching enables clarity, perspective, awareness of self, and resilience.  She combines her knowledge and skills as a Speech and Language Therapist and a Coach to support development of the communication skills used for presence, performance and influence. Her approach is driven by recognised psychological principles and encourages new ways of learning to elicit results that work for the person.

    Stef is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council with a Post Graduate Diploma in Executive Coaching and Development. She has a BSc in Speech Sciences and is a Certified Member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists with Neuroscience specialist skills.



  • text
“Jim’s understanding of the needs of the business, my needs as the leader of the business and the particular demands on individuals on the team led to him creating an outstanding programme of group and individual coaching sessions. The work on psychometric testing (involving ECR, ECR 360 and PPA disc) also led to a better understanding across the team of our individual motivations and styles which has helped us quickly understand and adopt practices to better work with each other.”
Simon, MD EMEA, Quartz
"Kate is one of the best thought leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her leadership, commercial, and HR expertise was invaluable as we partnered on the development of a bespoke EMEA Sales High Potential Program in collaboration with Manchester Business School. Her leadership and flexibility of approach resulted in our delivering a program of the highest standard, driving successor readiness and setting the standard for future High Potential Programs globally. It was a huge pleasure to work with Kate and I have no hesitation in recommending her and would partner with her again in a heartbeat."
Sue, (formerly CA Technologies,) now Head of Wellbeing, Inclusion and Health and Safety - Department of Work and Pensions
“Working with Jim has had a real and meaningful impact on my day-to-day professional life. Our sessions have helped me with my working relationships and management of stress making me a better operator both as a team member and a manager of people. Jim has a natural knack for cutting into the issues behind the issues by workshopping real situations and offering alternative and more manageable perspectives. His coaching style is straight up and supportive making the sessions enlightening and educational.”
Michelle, Commercial Director, Contagious
"Each session built on the previous one to ensure continuity, progress and commitment. Jim has a unique set of skills that allow him to cut through with speed and empathy. All of the key employees were devastated that the sessions had to end and brought a fresh sense of purpose and self-worth back into the business. I got the outcomes my team needed with zero risk and maximum engagement."
Jason, EMEA Managing Director, Unruly Media
"Anyone looking to enhance human performance should hire Kate. Her work was truly first world class and has already made a huge difference to our company." "The course Kate provided was like no other course I had attended before. It was a real eye-opener not just from a business perspective but also a personal perspective and we are already seeing the benefits flow through."
Peter, CEO and Mike, CFO, Intergence Systems
“Ground and Air have and continue to play a full role in supporting us in our quest to build a happy and high performing senior management team here at Contagious. We place a very high value indeed on the partnership we have formed with Jim and his team over the last 3 years.”
Karl, CEO, Contagious
“We partnered with Ground and Air to identify and select the right behaviours and nurture individual performance in some leadership roles. Jim and his team have helped us look at personality, benchmark EQ and consider the interplay between the two. They’ve proved adept at interpreting insights in the context of the person, our business and the sector we operate in. Ground and Air’s application of market and coaching expertise has been invaluable."
Jill, COO, Eyeota
“Jim was very adept at working with me to talk through my challenges to really understand and isolate a core focus area. The outcome for me was clarity and a sense of pressure off my shoulders. I could really see the future impact on my personal development and career. I'd strongly recommend Jim and Ground and Air for business coaching to develop personal impact and leadership development.”
James, Team Lead, Google Australia
“Our coaching sessions were empowering for me entering a new challenging board-level position in a company that was undergoing upheaval and changes. Ground and Air's style activates and cultivates your own inner strength providing practical techniques for real-life scenarios”
Imogen, Creative Director
“Jim Brown has been one of the most influential mentors in my life. After leaving the military, I found myself struggling to adjust to civilian life. Jim had to strip back my military mentality, work with the skills I had and then build upon the ones I was missing so that I was better able to succeed. He gave me the very foundations that I have built a career upon at some of the most iconic global companies.”
Ricky, Engineering Leadership Staffing, Google
“Coming out of a business partnership and in turn expanding operations represented a major transitional period. Jim played a significant role in helping me to focus my energies constructively and healthily. His ability to draw out my experience and resources and apply them, coupled with his calm and constructive advice, played a huge part in helping me see the wood from the trees.”
Dylan, Founder, Ride and Seek
“I was working towards a promotion and was frustrated with what I saw as the barriers in my way. Jim has a wonderful way of quickly getting the crux of what really matters, and helped me to see things from different perspectives. Positive outcomes followed pretty much immediately after just three sessions. The barriers I perceived melted away, and I enjoyed my experiences and interactions much more at work, progressing towards my goals quickly and achieving the promotion soon after.”
Sophie, Associate Strategy Director, Unruly Media
“Jim helped me figure out my long-term career plan, which up to this point has always been difficult for me to visualise, and understand the steps I need to take to achieve my goals. He is gifted at listening and understanding the underlying problems and has provided me with great advice that has helped me progress my career and made me happier and more productive in my job now.”
Mark, Agency Lead, Unruly Media
“Having had a positive experience of coaching in my previous role at ShortList, I reached out to Ground and Air for some board coaching and mediation work. I knew that they would bring an honest and trustworthy approach whilst also being able to convey a sense of neutrality to my co-founders. The process surfaced what we all needed to understand and address and we worked through it with Jim's invaluable input and support. He brought a sense of calm, perspective and structure to every session. Such was their impact, I'd certainly engage with Ground and Air again."
Darren, MD, The Jackal

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